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About Brown Diamond Tools

Brown Diamond Tools Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial diamond products like Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) / Cubic boron nitride (CBN) / Diamond Tipped Tools and Inserts, Dressers, Chisels, Resin and Metal Bonded Wheels / Honing sticks, Rockwell & Reichter Indenters, Files, Lapping pastes, Mounted Points etc.



Brown Diamond Tools manufactures a complete range of high quality Sintered Diamond tipped tools, Inserts, Reamers etc. Our Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) blanks are used for Turning, Grooving, Milling & Boring operations on a wide variety of non ferrous and non metallic materials.


Higher material removal rates, improved cycle times, providing more parts per shift

Significantly faster cutting speeds and feed rates compared to conventional cutting tools

Highly improved workpiece quality, excellent dimensional control, consistent surface finishes, reduced scrap

Longer tool life resulting in increased machine up-time, providing greater production capacity without investing in new equipment


Brown Diamond tools manufactures a complete range of high quality Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) tipped tools, Inserts, Reamers etc., for machining ferrous materials. Our CBN blanks are designed to provide significantly increased tool life, consistent surface finish and dimensional control. As a direct result over all part cost can be significantly decreased, while at the same time, gains in productivity as well as cost savings in the total manufacturing operation are successfully achieved.


Higher material removal rates

Excellent dimensional control

Decrease of cycle times

Consistent surface finishes

Higher production output

Longer tool life

Faster / higher machining parameters

Increased machine up-time

Improved work piece quality

Greater production capacity without investing in new equipment

Single Point Diamond Dresser

Single Point is the name given to the standard diamond dressing tool. As its name implies it uses a single diamond which can usually be reset several times in order to expose new cutting points.


Chisels are Single-point Shaped Tools. Chisels are normally used with grinding wheel forming equipment - sometimes built into the machine design. These tools are often used on ancillary grinding machine equipment ranging from simple radius dressing attachments to more complex pantograph (i.e. Diaform, Truepath machines etc.) and optical image equipment (i.e. Optidress).

Multipoint Diamond Dresser

As its name implies it uses more than one diamond and is used for dressing of larger wheels. The different types of multi point diamond dressers are briefed as.

Blade Type Dresser

Blade Type Dressers consists of one or more layers of hand-set selected diamond stones. Each layer is carefully interlocked to ensure a continuous, even cutting action throughout the tool life. The Blade Dresser maintains a consistent, thin diamond cutting edge throughout its working life.

Impregnated Diamond Dressers or Dust Type Dresser

They are used for dressing the diameter and side faces of medium to coarse grained grinding wheels. They allow relatively large amounts of in-feed while dressing.

Indexable Crown Type Dresser

Indexable Crown Type Dresser is used for dressing all types of larger wheels where fine truing is considered important. It comes in 24 and 36 points.

Point Type Dresser

Point Type Dressers are ideal for economic dressing of small and medium-sized grinding wheels, or for truing larger diameter narrow wheels. It comes in 5 points and 7 points.


RESIN BOND : Dry / Wet Grinding

Resin Bonds wheels are widely used in the engineering and cutting tool industry. It is characterized by cool and fast cutting with high material removal rate & minimum heat generation. This can be used with or without coolant. Suitable for grinding carbide & carbide – steel combination.

METAL BOND : Wet Grinding

This is the most robust and wear resistance Bond. This bond is very effective in achieving predictable, economical removal of non-ferrous materials, exhibit toughness, high abrasion resistance, excellent form retention, excellent uninterrupted grinding characteristics and long life. Coolant must be used to dissipate heat and to avoid loading. Suitable for grinding Carbides, Glass, Ceramics, Ferrites and other hard abrasive materials.


Grit size of the abrasive has a significant influence on the performance of the wheel with respect to the material removal rate and surface finish, Diamond & CBN abrasives are available from rough to very fine. FEPA 46,54,64,76,91,107,126,157,181,213,251,301,356,426.


Although,both diamond and CBN wheels may be used dry-faster cutting action, improved finish and extended tool life will generally result when a generous flow of coolant is provided. For diamond wheel the coolant may be plain water, but use of chemical base coolant concentrate or soluble oil additive is recommended to inhibit rusting of machine parts. For CBN wheels, it should be used with pure oil or emulsion containing oil.

Other Products

Diamond Needle Files

Diamond Needle Files for hand filing of hardened steel dies & moulds, tungsten carbides etc.

Diamond / CBN Mounted points

Diamond / CBN Mounted points for jig and internal grinding of non-ferrous materials & hard ferrous materials.

Diamond / CBN Lapping pastes

Diamond / CBN Lapping pastes for quick stock removal, polishing & super finishing of tungsten carbide and hardened steel moulds, dies, gauges etc.,


Rockwell, Reicherter, Firth & Vickers diamond penetrators (Indenters) for hardness testing.

Diamond Honing Sticks

Diamond Honing Sticks to hone Cast Iron / Aluminium Cylinder Blocks, Hard Chrome plated Liners and CBN Honing Sticks on ferrous materials such as Hardened Alloy Steels, M.S.Hydraulic tubes etc.

Electroplated diamond and CBN wheels

Electroplated diamond and CBN wheels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. We can produce virtually any type of wheel to your exact specifications. The advantages of these wheels are freer, faster cutting action with minimum heat generation. Another distinct benefit of electroplated tooling is their lower cost.