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About Hi Tech Tools Industries

Hi-tech Tools Industries offer a complete range of High Speed Steel Reamers and other Shank type tools.Hi-tech brand cutting Tools are manufactured from finest High Speed Steel in M2/M35 Grade, mostly imported from world's best steel producers. They are fully equipped to manufacture standard as well as special shank type tools as per specific requirement of customers in the diameter range of 5mm to 60mm. Precision tools form the crux of the production line and the usage primarily is for the Engineering and Automobile sectors.


Industrial Reamers

Pipe Reamers

Shell Reamers

Hand Reamers

Centre Reamers

Socket Reamers

Machine Reamers

Taper Pin Reamers

Chucking Reamers

Extra Long Reamers

Machine Bridge Reamers

End Mills

Whole Mills

Taper Shank End Mills

Long Series End Mills

Parallel Shank End Mills

Counter Sinks

Taper Shank Counter Sinks

Parallel Shank Countersinks

Single/Three Flute Countersinks

Milling Cutter

Angle Cutter

T-Slot Cutter

Dovetail Cutter

Woodruff Cutters

Side & Face Cutter

Slot - Drills Cutters

Core Drills

HSS Core Drills - This is manufactured in HSS as well as in brazed carbide and available in different sizes and angles.

Counter Bores

Taper Shank Counter Bores