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Established in 1963, Nbeson is the India's pioneering manufacturer of Coventry Die Head Chasers, Bolt & Pipe Threading Die Head from 1/4" to 8" capacity. NBESON's state of the art machines are for heat treatment and grinding bestow a significant value-for-money advantage for the customers.


Cutting & Threading Tools

H.S.S/Carbon Steel Hand Taps (1/8" to 6")

H.S.S/Carbon Steel Machine Taps (Recommended for working on tough & string materials, the taps have interrupted threads & are spiral pointed)

H.S.S/Carbon Steel Hand Taps (Available in serial & non serial sets, 1/8" to 8" 3mm to 205mm)

H.S.S Ground Thread Small Nut Taps, 1/8" to 8" 3mm to 205mm

Thread Plug Gauge (Standard & Special as per drawing)

H.S.S /Carbon Steel Round Die/ Hex Die 1", 1.5

H.S.S M2 & M35 Machine & Ground Relieved Gear Hob Cutters

H.S.S M2 & M35 Micron Hobs & Serration Cutters

H.S.S Rock Milling Cutter

H.S.S Chain Sprocket

H.S.S Tangential Chasers for Bolt & Pipe Threading

H.S.S Tangential Chasers for Pipe Threading

Flat Thread Rolling Die

Thread Rolls

H.S.S. Pump Rack Cutters

H.S.S Ground Thread coventry Die Head Chasers

Shell Tap

Bolt & Pipe Threading Die-Head

Pipe Threading Die-Head

H.S.S Milling Cutters

Special Type Milling Cutters

Staggered Teeth Side & Face Cutters

H.S.S Side & Face Cutters

H.S.S Hand & Machine Reamers

Counter Sink

H.S.S Straight & Taper Shank End Mill & Slot Drill

Hex Nipple Threading Machine

Bolt Threading Machine

Piller Pipe Type Threading Machine

Piller Type End Facing Machines


Shackle & Sprin Pins

Centre Bolts


Bolts for special Applications



Wheel Hub Bolts

Collar, Castle & Chuck Nuts

Wheel Hub Bolts