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About Patiala Tools Corporation

Established in 1961,Patiala Tools Corporation is leading manufacturer of High Speed Steel Small Cutting Tools like Metal Slotting Cutters, Rotary Form Relieved Cutters, Bore Type Milling Cutters, Shank Type Tools etc.


Metal Slotting Cutters

Metal Slitting Saws (Standard Teeth)

Metal Slitting Saws (Fine Teeth)

Screw Slotting Cutters (72 Teeth)

Slotting Cutters

Cylindrical Cutters

Rotary Form Relieved Cutters

D.P. Cutters

Module Cutters

C.P. Cutters

Tap Fluting Cutters

Reamer Fluting Cutters

Drill Fluting Cutters

Rotary Form Cutters

Bore Type Milling Cutters

Side & Face Cutters (Straight Teeth)

Staggered Teeth Side & Face Cutters

Single Angle Cutters

Double Unequal Angle Cutters

Double Equal Angle Cutters

Shell End Single Angle Cutters

Convex Cutters

Concave Cutters

Single Corner Rounding Cutters

Double Corner Rounding Cutters

Shell End Mills

Face Cutters

Shank Type Milling Cutters

T-Slot Cutters With Taper Shank

T-Slot Cutters With Parallel Shank

Dovetail Milling Cutters

Cutters for Woodruff Keysets

Parallel Shank End Mills

Long Series Parallel Shank End Mills

Taper Shank End mills

Parallel Shank Slot Drills

Taper Shank Slot Drills

Countersinks with Taper Shank

Center Drills