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About Solar Diamond

Solar Diamond was started in the year 1982 and now have a large network throughout India, United States, Germany,Italy, U.K.,Iran,Middle East, etc. Solar uses advanced technology in manufacturing of their tools, with latest machineries like induction heating machines, furnace, diamond lapping machines etc. Solar Diamond has the experience and the expertise of manufacturing fine quality diamond tools, along with modern plant facilities and careful and dedicated workmanship.


Single Point Diamond Dressers

Single point "bruted diamond" dressers are made with selected "Congo Rounds" mounted in a matrix. A Single cutting edge is presented to the grinding wheel.
We offer three grades namely A, B & C for all the diamond size, Availability: 0.25 Ct to 5.00 Ct.

Throw-Away Diamond Dressers

Throw - Away Type Diamond Dressers are made of small selected crystal shape or octahedral diamonds, mounted in a matrix. Only one cutting edge is presented to the grinding wheel.

They are used for Turing and dressing small and medium sized wheels. For larger wheels with small widths they are used only in profile dressing applications. ( Throw Away Type Diamond Dressers )

These tools are not suited to dress wheels with grit size coarser than 60 mesh.

Shaping Tools

Honing Stones, Shaping Tools feature the unique "structure-cut" to ensure optimum tool life. They are manufactured only from the highest grade of natural diamonds and undergo stringent quality control during manufacturing.

Important Point to consider :
• Choose a diamond with the largest included angle and toughest geometric shape
allowed by the profile requirements.
• Use a drag angle, where possible to maximize cutting edge life.
• Make sure that the tool is rigidly mounted.

Cluster Dressers

Cluster Type Diamond Dressers consist of a number of small natural diamond of good crystal character, set in a geometric pattern in single layer and sintered into a special wear resistant bond.

The Cluster Type Diamond Dresser is ideal for coarse or rough dressing of grinding wheels in sizes up to 80 grit ( mainly rough grinding or grinding to eliminate imbalance ). The diamonds can be fully utilised without
re-setting or re-sharpening.

The dressing face of the Cluster Type Diamond Dresser should be set at an angle of 90° to the grinding wheel so that all the diamond points are in contact at the same time. ( Cluster Dressers )

Depth of cut per stroke of the dresser : 0.01-0.05 mm max.

Feed rate - in mm per revolution:

0.3 - 1.5 mm max.

Finer in feeds & smaller cuts will produce higher surface finishes. Normal wheel speeds should be used.

Multipoint Indexable Crown

A Multi Point Diamond Dresser in which Sharp Natural Diamonds are set in a circular crown at right angle to the operating plane. As soon as the diamonds on the indexed position are completely used up, the crown can be re-indexed on the shank for new points. Shanks for the crown are made to customer's specifications.

• All types of large wheels where fine truing is considered important.
• Specially recommended for cylindrical grinders.

• MIC-24 with 24 Diamonds for wheel size up to 600 mm diameter wheel.
• MIC-36 with 36 Diamonds for wheel size above 600 mm diameter wheel.

Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers

Six small elongated whole diamonds selected with care for quality and sameness in shape are sorted into matched sets and set in Hexagonal Discs.
The Hexagonal Disc Diamond Dressers can be mounted in holders, which are made to customers' specification.

On all wheels upto the size of 12" 0.0. x 1" wide, Diamonds can be completely used up. Nothing is wasted.
The small and constant contact area they present to the wheel has many advantages. They will condition the
grinding wheel consistently and will produce the desired finish and grinding characteristics.

Multipoint Disc

Multipoint Disc Dressers are normally used in small grinding wheels on internal grinding machines. The diamonds are set evenly in rows across the face of the disc. First class needle shape diamonds are used, set in a special sintered bonds.

An ample supply of coolant and depth of cut of 0.02 - 0.03 mm. max are prerequisite for long tool life. Multipoint disc dressers can be used at any angle and therefore in any application.

Diamond Grit Impregnated Dressers

Diamond Grit Impregnated Dressers have been developed from Multi-Point Dressers. In contrast to the latter they are Manufactured from Diamond Grit rather than a larger number of Small Natural Diamonds. The advantages of the diamond impregnated dresser lie in its exceptional sharpness, which results from sharp edges and points of the diamond grit.

Diamond Grit Impregnated Dressers are ideally suited to the following applications, dressing resin, vitreous and rubber bond, fine grit and even "grit free" grinding wheels, as well as boron carbide grinding wheels, dressing single profile threaded and V-profile grinding wheels, for general dressing operations on centreless, cylindrical and surface grinding machines.

Diamond & CBN Honing Stone

Due to growing ecological requirements, there is a growing demand for bores that can be manufactured in high quantities and with a high precision in terms of surface quality and bore geometry.

Faced with today's ecological and economic changes, honing with Diamond or CBN is a must in any modern manufacturing environment.The extreme hardness of Diamond and CBN guarantees long lifetime cycles for the honing stones, a basic requirement for a production facility with a high degree of automation and multi shift operation.

On account of the particular hardness of the abrasive material, honing stones of Diamond or CBN stones have an excellent accuracy of form. This has an impact on the process reliability and the precision of the honed bore. The honing of very small bores can often only be carried out by Diamond or CBN.

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