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About Universal Abrasives

Universal Abrasives are one of the prominent manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of a wide range of grinding wheels. Their large product range includes Ceramic Wheel, Resin Bonded Diamond Wheel, 12A9 Flaring Dish Diamond Wheel, 9A3 Double Cup Diamond Wheel, 11V9 Resin Bond Flaring Cup Wheel, 1V1 CNC Grinding Wheel, etc. Established in the year 1995, they have been meeting varied needs of the clients offering high grade products designed from superior raw materials.


Cutting & Threading Tools

9A3 Double Cup Diamond Wheel

1V1 CNC Grinding Wheel

11V9 Resin Bond Flaring Cup Wheel

11A2 Taper Cup Diamond wheel

6A2 Vitrified Diamond Wheel

1A1 Straight Diamond Wheel

4A2 Plain Dish Resin Bond Wheel

1A1 Resin Bond Diamond Wheel

12A2 Resin Bond Dish Wheel

Bruting Diamond Wheel

Resin Bond Cup Wheel

Resin Bond Centerless Grinding Wheel

Diamond Wheels

Resin Bond Flat Wheel

Resin Bond Diamond Wheel

11V9 Flaring Cup Diamond Wheel

6A2 Plain Cup Diamond Wheel

Vitrified Diamond Wheel

1FF1 Radius Diamond Wheels

Camshaft Grinding Wheels

Carbit Cutter Grinding Wheel

CBN Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

Ceramic Diamond Wheels

Cless Grinding Wheels

Surfrace & Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

1A1 Carbide Slot Grinding Wheels

12V9 Flaring Dish Diamond Wheels

Centerless Grinding Wheels

Tungsten Carbide Roll Grinding Wheels

Squaring Diamond Wheel

Metal Bond Diamond Dry Squaring Wheel

Ceramic Diamond Sizing Cutter Wheel

Diamond Cut Off Wheel

Dry Diamond Squaring Wheel

Resin Bond Diamond Dry-Squaring Wheel

Diamond Squaring Wheel